How Our Thoughts Control Our DNA

How Our Thoughts Control Our DNA.


My Communications With Higher Self.

Higher Self: Unknown/Hidden/Occult Those Hunters Reach
Unconditional Love
Love – Communicate Love

Life On Mars Doc

{From the document:}

I think you – along with tens of thousands of others have been sold an illusion simply because there are those who are more interested in making space toys than they are in helping to solve the worlds problems sufficiently.

Unless science redesigns the human instrument, humans are stuck right here and I am pretty certain that even if ‘the lucky few’ manage to get exobots to build containments where humans can live in on Mars, the **** will hit the fan way before this little fantasy could ever be made real.

We have all got to make it here.

Invest everything into this planet.

Higher Self: Thing Secret
Save That
Question Frequencies
The Purpose Of Life Is… Conceptual Art Gentle
Trust The Process
You Do It
Exhibit your innermost core
Besides – Tracks In The Snow

William: Ah yes. I used that metaphor recently to say this was what is just as likely being seen when MRI brain scans are done – consciousness is using the brain, not so much the other way around. The brain is a tool for consciousness to utilize.
Tracks in the snow…scientists decide together ‘what consciousness is’ and yet consciousness can speak for itself as to what it is…

Higher Self:Through Device

William: Yes, in relation to physical device. ‘Divination’ is really this. People assign agency to the process where no agency is really necessary. Consciousness is what it is.

Higher Self: Oops….. Dreamed Up By Yours Truly

William: Well collectively ‘you’ are still learning…always a jump or two ahead of course, but how else can it be?

Higher Self:…Learn Well

A Meeting Place
An Exam
Happiness Is… Far/Distant Shallow
The Gaia Hypothesis Unknown
Together Intelligent Consciousness
Who Complains The Most? For The Purpose Of

William: It is apparent that complaining can help identify problems but it is equally apparent that bias motivating complaint is not always helpful.

Higher Self: All Because I Had To Ask

William: So what is it that you had to ask? 🙂

Higher Self:Collective Consciousness

Science Can Be Fun Too Yes?

William: As a method, sure.

Higher Self:It Will Prove Itself True Or False

William: That is essentially the method.

Higher Self:Remote Viewing Individuals Unfolding Nicely
Lyricus designs, transposes, and installs galactic Tributary Zones to a planetary system

William: Value Added Network?

Higher Self:Liminal

William: A means to and end. A bridge…

Higher Self:Yes Yes This Translates To That.
Get To Know It

William: ‘It’ can speak for itself. 🙂

Higher Self: What might occur?

William: That is a good question. It is unlikely though that such a thing will happen en mass.

Higher Self: Measure Wishful Thinking

William: Assuming the process is genuine, it could radically change the direction humans are collectively taking themselves…we might just start investing everything into our planet and circumstance for the betterment of everyone…sort out our stuff here and then look at moving out into space exploration…if we still think it a good idea.

Higher Self:Imperishable
Thoughts Are Products Of… Afraid of The Unknown.

William: Sometimes…or maybe often. Wanting to know often accompanies facing our fears. It appears those in positions which allow the ability to direct the course of history have a captive audience which is easily led to the fanciful idea that ‘we’ can conquer the problems of space travel, even as ‘we’ ignore the more pressing problems to do with the planet we have been occupying.
I do wonder what the attraction is.

Higher Self:That Is An Order
Victim Vamp Energy Systems
Ah Oooh…

William: Part of me is sad and another part wants to giggle. Anyway, it seems that the whole point of consciousness being involved in this universe has to do with placement of wayward ‘spirits’ sorting out their **** (or not)… I don’t quite see any other reason for being here myself…

Higher Self:Be Nice Do Nice

William: Seems logical enough. Simple enough. Less wayward…

Higher Self:Money Ripple Effect Gateway
Get The Picture
Personal Participation With The One
Open To Changes
WingMakers Materials
Share Maps

William: The maps give some indication to the picture…

Higher Self:Express your authentic feelings of appreciation to my inmost presence within you and others.

William: Be nice do nice…


‘Us’ – ‘Them’ and Me.

Well I am beginning to understand the scarcity of like minded folk in relation to me and internet forum message boards.

It seems folk in the main want to argue.

I am interested in all things possible and in peoples theories regarding subjects related to the universe and how it came to be, consciousness and its place in the mix, the idea of god, humanity and our potential, the role of science as the possible overarching position as head of physical human direction, where the heart fits into all of this and much more recently, why do people argue when they are more sensibly suited to discussion with the emphasis on the agenda of getting on the same page.

It has been a while now and many forums later. Forums all sharing a similar outward appearance re forum self description while displaying quite the oxymoron of said description – a deception in itself – and for what other motive than to gain converts. (?) Count me out and on to continue the search for what can only be said to be to be ‘the search for integrity.’

I don’t lose sleep over it. I am sometimes vaguely annoyed at the dishonesty I obverse and the loneliness at being the only one I know who understands what I am observing and being defeated through a variety of bullying tactics when I take the middle path – or as I call it, my “I know or I don’t know”, a logical position to assume in the face of either way being argued for or against.

I yearn to meet with the maturity that I wonder and even suspect might only exist in the higher races I have heard about, and in one experience even chanced to meet one type of, unfortunately too briefly – no thanks to my own ignorance, assumptions and personal issues in less mature days, now long gone.

I may be pining for something in human beings which is only really found (as abundant) in more progressed species. Likely that has something to do with it. More likely, when one gets a taste for what is possible, the search begins to find out if it is humanly possible and comes to the conclusion eventually that humans seem to like arguing rather than doing, and that doing requires being on the same page.

All I can do re this is keep my door open, that eventually I will discover those imaginary friends do actually exist and are actually human.

Rouge Robots?

It is not about emotions and other motivating aspirations biological creators. It is not about trade or politics or religion or culture or suppression by hardwired programming.

Exobots would see no logic in wandering down that path to begin with. What the question/statement suggests is duality…’good’ robots and ‘bad’ robots and some competition for supremacy and ultimate ‘winners’ with points to prove.

This is a thing we can understand because human beings behave like this. We would have to grow out of such thinking in order to advance. There is no point to prove.